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Sassy-Ass Local Trivia About Weirdo Portland History, Another Award for Dame, and Sorry, Oregon Counties! Idaho DOESN'T WANT YOU. 😭

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On DIY Bocha Centers Self-Reliance (and Smoking Weed)

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The Trash Report

The Truth About President's Day, Smart Cops, Good Celebs, and Yes, I *Am* Young, Thanks

Portland City Council Stops Transparency Advocate Proposal from Going to Voters In May

Instead, they proposed (and passed) their own surprise resolution.

Oregon’s Possible Removal of COVID Precautions Prompts Mixed Reactions

Despite the continued spread of COVID, health officials say rolling back pandemic safety measures is necessary to preserve public trust in emergency situations.

Politics Feb 20 11:00 AM

Candidate School Eyes Progressive Takeover of Portland City Council

Former mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone wants progressives to seize new council seats in 2025.

Cops Feb 17 12:53 PM

Portland Police and City in a Stalemate Over Body Camera Policy

Should the Portland police be allowed to review body camera footage before giving statements? The police union says yes.

Music Feb 17 10:00 AM

The Ghost Pop of Aaron Liu Contains Whole Sonic Worlds

His new double album spills over with gorgeous, gauzy indie-pop songs whose lush arrangements belie their lo-fi origins.

Housing Feb 3 2:04 PM

Multnomah County Announces Plan to House at Least 300 Homeless Residents in Vacant Apartments

The county has not identified any landlord partners or available rentals at this time.

Theater & Performance Feb 16 12:14 PM

My Perfectly Valid Objections Airs the First Date Anxieties of Trans and Cis People

Portland playwright Mikki Gillette depicts the minefield trans women navigate, specifically while dating cis men.

Transportation Feb 7 10:00 AM

From Face Chewing to Chronic Code Violations: How Does TriMet Determine the Length of Rider Bans?

TriMet issued its second-ever lifetime ban after the Gresham MAX station attack.

News Feb 13 11:00 AM

Oregon Lawmakers Aim to Expand Voting Rights to Incarcerated Oregonians—For The Third Time

State legislators believe their chances of success are better than ever.