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There are 3 main factors that determine your eligibility for a campaign.



We go to great lengths to match products to profiles. This is largely determined by your age, interests and habits. That’s why our surveys are so important.

There’s really no point in offering anti-aging serum to someone who’s 20 years old!


Beauty Bulletin can only allow as many participants as there are products available.


You’ve got to be in it to win it. The more actively you engage the more elevated your status.

• Write your own reviews on products you love and recommend. Include videos and photos to make your presence felt.

• Complete all surveys and keep your profile current.

• Take part in conversations and social media sharing.

"What's Expected Of Me If I Get Chosen For Projects?"

Your voice has enormous value.  So we'll ask you to complete regular survey-updates stating your thoughts on the product, who you spoke to about it and how long your conversations lasted.

We'll encourage you to write reviews and share.  You get to spread the word on your own social platforms as well on Beauty Bulletin's site.

You'll receive a mailer and a survey from us, asking if you want to join a particular project.  If you're not interested in the campaign in question, you don't have to do anything.

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