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Pegged As Bi

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She's okay with pegging his butt... but pegging his face, too? 

Kant Say No

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: A sugar daddy wants to give him his entire fortune. Should he take it?

Dom Vibes

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She's into BDSM, hubby is definitely not. Can this relationship be saved?

Savage Love Jan 31 2:00 PM


Need your sex life fixed in a hurry? This edition of SAVAGE LOVE "Quickies" can help!

Savage Love Jan 24 10:05 AM

Case Disclosed

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: "My BF has undetectable HIV. How much should we disclose to future play partners?"

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Savage Love Jan 17 11:00 AM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: "Am I being used as a pawn in my lover's sex games with his primary partner?"

Savage Love Jan 10 12:00 PM

The Uncanny Valley

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Can you guess which advice is Dan's, and which was written by a horny robot? 🤖 🍆

Savage Love Jan 3 11:08 AM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: If you tell the new person you're about to fuck the truth and that person runs... that's bad, right?

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Savage Love Dec 27 12:20 PM


Need answers to your sexual problems quick? Then don't miss another "quickies" edition of SAVAGE LOVE!

Savage Love Dec 20 12:00 PM

Getting It

This week in Savage Love: "Cuckolding. I want it, I need it, how do I get it??"

Savage Love Dec 13 10:58 AM

The Birthday Boy

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: A son wants mom to go halfsies on a session with sex worker. She's a "cool mom," but... C'MON!

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Savage Love Dec 6 12:48 PM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Slutting advice for the returning slut.

Savage Love Nov 29 1:30 PM


It's another slam-bang edition of SAVAGE LOVE "quickies"! You have the quick, sexy questions, Dan has the quick, sexy solutions!

Savage Love Nov 22 11:08 AM

The Watcher

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: His playmate likes to watch him play with others. But the look on his face is... umm... creepy?

Savage Love Nov 15 12:28 PM

Ace Case

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE:  He can't help it... he gets hot for shaved armpits. Does this make him anti-feminist?

Savage Love Nov 8 10:14 AM

Loaded Questions

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Straight guy feels guilty about earth-shattering BJs he receives from gay pal. Sooo... should he?

Savage Love Nov 1 1:00 PM

Just the Facts

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE, a bisexual hubby gets the monkeypox vaccine without telling the wife, and WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

Savage Love Oct 25 11:00 AM


It's another "Quickies" edition of SAVAGE LOVE, featuring lickety-split Q&As about threesomes, ethical cheating, and more!