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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! If you're hating the world because you're snowed in and think you've missed the Mercury's HIGHBALL week... you are in luck! Almost all the Highball locations will continue serving their creative $8 specialty cocktails until Sunday, March 5! So no need to burn the entire earth just yet... have a drink, and read this NEWS.


• Dangerously frigid temps are hanging on through the weekend, which means all six of the city's emergency warming shelters will remain open at least through Saturday morning—but they have getting dangerously close to full capacity and officials say they need help from citizens within walking distance who can work a shift and help keep the needy alive.

• It's official: Our current city council is packed with devious liars. As we reported earlier this week, Portland City Council shot down a proposal that would've let voters decide on instituting a "transparency watchdog" because, according to them, they "didn't have time to review" the idea. BUT! The Oregonian revealed today that (surprise!) THE COUNCIL LIED, and the real reason they wouldn't approve the proposal is because the city auditor refused to "weaken the powers of the proposed transparency advocate." From the O:

Most council members wanted to water down language in the proposal that, as drafted, would have allowed the new watchdog to “investigate acts of city officials, departments, bureaus, offices, and agencies that relate to records or transparency,” records show.

I'm not sure why these particular council members were so worried about being investigated in the future... because WE'RE VOTING EVERY ONE OF THESE LIARS OUT OF OFFICE IN 2024.

• If you're hyped up for the kick-off of Timbers season starting this Monday, you will not want to miss our Abe Asher's preview of what to expect this year—especially in light of what happened last year! Cue the drama!

• The attorney generals in both Oregon and Washington are suing the FDA because of its over-regulation of the drug mifepristone, which in combination with another drug is used to administer abortions in patients who are up to 10 weeks pregnant. Meanwhile, conservatives in Texas are suing the FDA over the same drug, because they approved it more than 20 years ago.

• If you escape your domicile this weekend and are looking for something fun to do, our EverOut calendar team has got the goods!


• To the surprise of probably no one, First Lady Jill Biden confirmed to the press that, yep, Hubby Joe will most likely run once again for president. 

• The National Weather Service is predicting more weather trouble for California, which is expected to be slammed by a new wave of rain, wind, snow, and potential flooding.

• Today prosecutors continued to counter the testimony of disgraced former lawyer Alex Murdaugh by tearing it up in tiny pieces, and throwing it back in his almost certainly lying face.

• A St. Louis bear has been returned after escaping from his zoo enclosure for the second time. (Has anyone checked to see if a cocaine dealer is working the corner?)

• And finally... bears on cocaine > people on cocaine.