Local law enforcement have shared more information about the Wednesday incident in the Lloyd District that involved a Multnomah County sheriff's deputy shooting a member of the public. Up until now, it was unknown whether the shooting victim had survived the incident. According to a press release from the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) no one was killed Wednesday.

Aside from this information, the details remain hazy as to what prompted the entire altercation—and why a deputy fired their gun.

According to the press release, the incident began with an unnamed Multnomah County sheriff’s deputy assigned to the Transit Police Division. Around 1:20 pm, that deputy "contacted a man associated with a nearby vehicle" near NE Grand Ave. and NE Holladay St. This "contact" turned into an "investigation," according to MCSO, offering no explanation why. 

"During the course of the investigation, an altercation ensued with the person," the press release explains.

That's when a third person entered the scene. According to MCSO, a woman "became involved" with the altercation, "at which time a shooting occurred involving the deputy." We take this lawyer-speak to mean that the deputy fired their gun at this point. Based on information provided in the press release, it appears the deputy shot the woman.

After the shooting, the woman and man drove off in a car, heading north on NE Grand Ave. The vehicle crashed into two other cars near NE Weidler. Both were then taken to the hospital. None of the other drivers involved in the crash were seriously injured.

According to MCSO, the woman involved in the incident is being treated for gunshot injuries, and the man is being treated for injures sustained during the car crash.

"Both the involved parties are expected to survive," the statement reads. Both will also be booked into jail after they recover from their injuries, but their charges have not been made public.

The deputy left the scene uninjured, and has since been placed on leave.

In the MCSO press release, Sheriff Mike Reese places blame on the two in the car for putting "many people in harm's way."

Yet it's still unknown why a deputy stopped the man in the first place, let alone why the deputy fired their gun. The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) has been tasked with investigating this case.

UPDATE, 10/7: PPB has identified the man involved in this series of events as Tristen Borges. On Friday, Borges was discharged from the hospital and booked into the county jail on a wide range of charges, which hint at a few other components of the Wednesday incident. The charges include: Attempted aggravated murder, escape in the first degree, attempted assault in the first degree, theft in the first degree, reckless endangering of another person, felon in possession of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon, and more.